What you have in your heart is your responsibility, and it reaches every part of the body. Let it be love & divine.

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When I was small, in our school, our principal asked, which was the most important organ in our body. A lot of children had different answers, but finally, we settled for the heart, because if the heart stops working, we die. If the brain stops working, we slip into a coma, but if the heart stops working, we die.

Now, the next question is, which body part is managing every other body part, though all the body parts are dependent on each other. It is our heart because it sends blood and oxygen to the rest of the body. So if there is anything in the heart, it reaches every part of the body. If it’s that vital, that important, it has to be taken care of properly and yes, that’s why people take care of their hearts. It has to be in good health. Then the next big part inside me asked, apart from health, what needs to be there, because it is making sure our body has enough supply.

Love and kindness and divine. There should not be a place for anything else. So one gentleman asked once what if it is jealousy or hatred? Well, we feel it is for someone else, we are not jealous of ourselves, and generally, we do not hate ourselves, but this is what we will send to our entire body and this is what we will be made up of eventually. We need to ask ourselves, what do we want for ourselves? If we want to receive love or we want to receive hatred or anything else? If we want to receive love, we need to give love and for that we need to have love and we need to be love. For that, we have to have love in our heart, so that it can start making us what we want to be. Whatever our heart will have, eventually we will be made up of that.

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