If you want to change your life, change your perspective.

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She grew up in a family where she was loved and pampered. She had everything before she could ask. This made her arrogant and she cared less for people. She was always made to feel, that she was the most important person around. If she would come, her father would leave the seat on the dining table saying, she deserved that respect. Her mother tried interfering in all this but he always made her quiet. She grew up and then her father found a match for her. It felt like a match made in heaven. The boy pampered her before marriage and she got married. But what happened suddenly? She was expected to fulfill the duties now. She was expected to respect the elders No one left a seat for her, which made her angry. She cried day and night. She felt that she was pushed into hell. She thought that, she would be happier in her father’s home and she came back. But things changed there too. Her father was angry at her for bringing a bad name to the family. The mother was still compassionate. She wondered what she could do.

She could not change anything until she changed her perspective. She had to adopt a different way of thinking altogether. She worked upon her thought process. from entitlement to giving and realizing what was right and what was wrong. After that, she connected back with her husband too, and they shifted together. She simply said one thing, I had to change my perspective.

He was in a deep depression. He did not even want to come out. The reason was, he was scared. He felt that no one was supporting him, and he was not capable of turning around. Somewhere, he did not want to come out of that state because it was making him comfortable. He did not have to answer anyone, and he could settle. But his family was concerned as he was in depression. Finally, he realized that life was not about someone else doing things, it was about what more he could do in life. He started working upon things and they got better after some time.

If we want to change our lives, we need to change the way we are thinking. We have to work upon our thought process first.

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