Health and happiness cannot be separated. We need happiness to be healthy and vice-versa.

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He slipped into depression and then his legs started hurting. He started developing problems with his feet and was unable to walk properly. The doctor kept telling him, that he had to turn positive and look forward to life. He could not and he kept getting slower. Then one day, his wife was going out and he felt that he had to go with her. When he walked with her, he connected with nature again, and he could feel that life was not that bad, and he has to get back to life again. He started resuming his health routines and taking up exercises. His mind started improving and his health too.

His health did not improve until his mind did not improve.

She had been facing relationship issues for 25 years. She was not very well-educated, so she thought that she could not walk out of the marriage. She developed many health issues like low hemoglobin, thyroid, and some problems with BP. The doctor suggested taking her out for a holiday so that she could relax. The husband realized that if she lived with his family, which had never accepted her, her health would not improve. He decided to shift out and have an independent setup. With that changed the taunts and continuous scrutiny. She could relax as she did not worry too much about responsibilities. She started feeling better about life and felt happier. Within one year, her health improved a lot.

There are many stories like this where we can connect health with happiness. We need to be happy to be healthy and healthy to be happy. Stay close to your loved ones, know what they are feeling, know, how their health. Keep working on each other’s support system.

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