We never regret helping someone genuinely. Though we may regret not helping when we had the opportunity.


It was a few years back. I was sitting in the car and my car stopped by a red light. A child came asking for something. I turned my face away like I haven’t even looked at him. After a few small knocks, he left. After some time, I was feeling so bad that why I acted like this. Why I did not share anything? Then my mind gave all kinds of reasons. It is a scam. Someone else will take the money. I am spoiling their career and life as they will not work. And many more reasons but still all this conversation was evading me of my peace. And then I came to a conclusion, it was simple. I did not give because I did not want to give. I had an opportunity to help someone but I did not. If I wanted to give, none of these reasons would have stopped me from giving. I was feeling bad that I did not give.

From that day onwards, I decided that whenever I would have an opportunity, I would help. And for the red light folks, I started keeping parle G and small water bottles. Now, what would someone do with that? eat and drink. With that, I have seen so many smiles and sometimes so many blessings. Because when someone was really hungry, he ate it and blessed me. One old man kept his hand over my head shakingly and he was almost into tears. There was still time at the red light, so I kept looking at him. He ate the whole packet in one minute like he was very hungry. He drank the water, got up, looked at me again, and raised both hands to bless me again. And when I left that place, I was so much full of gratitude and peace. I realized, we never feel peaceful when we do not give. We do feel happy when we share and its the sharing that brings us joy.

So never miss an opportunity to help someone.

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