Having a positive thought process is a blessing. Be grateful for that.

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She was insecure from the inside. She was good enough but she never felt good enough. And then she always took that out on her husband. She always told him, you would leave me one day, what if you would have an affair, saying, she always tried controlling him and she would not let him meet his friends alone. She would not let him spend time with his own sister also. She felt jealous. Even after 10 years of marriage they fought, he felt suffocated and she felt more jealous thinking because they fight so much, he would leave her one day.

When he was a small child, he saw on TV a house collapsing. He saw many people dying. Since then he started building up the process that the roof would collapse. The stairs would break. The car would break down. Someone would lock him inside the house. And with everything the fears were increasing and he was always scared and unable to do anything. Because there was always a fear factor.

Whenever we have a negative thought process, we are the ones who suffer the most. Rest everyone around us suffer too but the one who suffers most is the self. If someone has a positive thought process, it is like having a complete mind. Having a negative thought process is like having a crippled body from the inside. We shall be grateful for the positive mind we have. It helps grow in a positive direction and live a peaceful life.

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