Anything done with good intentions will eventually bring good results.

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One gentleman asked a question. He shared that whenever he had helped someone, it has backfired. He always had to face humiliation. Why is it so? It reminded me of a story. There was a king. He was a beloved king and had his kingdom spanning many small kingdoms. Everyone wondered how he became such a famous and big king. What Karma he must have done? So a sage who could see past lives shared that he donated 2 pieces of bread to a poor man. Everyone wondered how he got the entire kingdom in return for donating just two pieces of bread. Well, he was a poor and hungry man and after a lot of effort, he was able to manage only two breads. But when he was about to eat, he met another hungry man and this king in his past life, gave away his two breads. It was not about two breads. He gave away whatever he had, despite of himself being hungry and with the intention to feed someone. As he gave whatever he had, so he is getting the kingdom of the entire world. His intentions were to give, not to get anything in return.

It answered the gentleman’s question. He was helping everyone with the intention to gain name and fame and also, to ask a favor in the future. Whenever he helped anyone, he calculated in his mind, what favor he could ask in the future. So everything started backfiring. There was no purity of intentions.

So whatever you do, keep your intentions pure. When you have pure intentions, it gets support and guidance from the Universe.

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