True love creates oneness.

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A couple came and asked for marriage advice. I asked them, why do they need it? They were married for two years out of which separated for one year. They wanted to give it another chance. The gentleman knew that if they came together without changing their thought process, again the result would be the same. So he wanted to make it better.

I asked them, do you love each other and the answer was no.

The second question was, why do we call the wife or husband as better half? No answer. She or he is called better half yes.

Because when we love someone, we become one. We do not think of the other person as a separate entity. When it’s a marriage, you become or you are expected to become one. That’s why it’s the half part. Without that, the marriage cannot survive.

What would you do for your child? You would stay hungry and give your food to the child. You would give better things to your child. Why? Because you love your child. Can you do that for each other? If yes, then you can create a great marriage. You need to forget, I exist. Same way, the other person forgets, I exist and creates his better half.

Now, the question came from the other side: What if one person is doing all the things and the other person is not doing anything.

It may happen. But let me tell you. We may act as per our nature differently. But feelings are parallel. The energy created by our feelings influences both. So if one person is doing all the things and the other person is doing all the bad things, how does one person feel while doing those things? If he is feeling all irritates, egoistic, angry, he is creating the same energy and he is doing equally bad or she is doing equally bad. Whenever something is done, it needs to be done with love, care and surrender not an obligation.

If you can become one and love each other, you can create a happy and loving marriage. Oneness comes from love. Can you love each other?

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