Communication keeps the relationship together. Keep sharing more and more.

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She was 22 years old, and she did not want to talk to her mother. She hated her mother. As per her, her mother did not have time to talk to her. Her mother just gave orders when she was small. They argued, they fight and now, she did not want to talk.

They were married for 22 years and in last 4 years the husband started business in another city. He got busier every day and the wife started an affair with his best friend. When it opened up, he wondered where did it go wrong because they still loved each other. When he was away, he was not talking to her much. When she would call up, he would keep the phone down saying he was busy or tired. To share her emotions, she started depending on his friend and that is how it started.

He was busy earning, and he did not have time to talk to his children. When they woke up, he was gone and when he came back, they were asleep. He had no idea, what they thought and how they felt. When they grew up, they did not want to talk to him.

I meet so many cases of relationship failure, whether it is between mother and son, father and son, husband and wife or be it any other relationship, they failed because of lack of communication.

So here are the reasons:

We do not talk enough.

We assume that the other person will understand (But it is understood from different perspective)

We take things for granted

We give low priority to relationship a lot of times.

WE do not value emotions enough in the relationship.

We do not value small talks, spending time together.

When we shout or express anger, we do not make amendments.

What do we need to do?

We need to nurture all the relationships.

We need to talk and discuss how we feel and how the other person is feeling.

We need to talk about what is important to the other person, child and or us.

We need to talk about our feelings.

We cannot replace communication with things or TV.

We need to spend happy time like playing or joking or eating togteher without any purpose.

Keep talking and sharing!

We all are beings of love and we need to express that more and more.

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