If we want to fly high, we need to overcome the fear of falling.

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When my daughter was 3 years old and was going to school, her confidence was great. She used to speak on stage and her teacher used to say, we all wait for her to come on stage. But now, when they are at home for two sessions, that confidence is gone. She feels scared that what if she would speak wrong. She does not get that applause but if she is wrong, she hears that. So she doesn’t like to speak in front of the computer. When I realized this, I told her a story.

How does a mother eagle train a baby eagle to fly? The eagle is one of the highest flying birds. The baby watches its parents doing everything. So when the time comes, the mother pushes the baby out of the nest and when the baby is about to hit the ground catches. it is said that during that the baby overcomes the fear of falling and realizes, I am eagle and can fly. So when the baby is falling, the baby learns to fly.

A human baby learns to walk in the same way. It falls and stands. Some babies, who are scared of falling or ground, learn to walk very slow. But until they learn to overcome that fear of hitting on the ground, they cannot learn to walk. So when my daughter learned this, she started trying and now, she has started responding. She realized that if she would respond she would be wrong but if she would not, she would never learn to speak it right.

And then I realized, we all need to overcome that fear of falling and failing. If we want to succeed, we need to know that, we would fall and learn to stand up. If we are not brave enough to leave our nest or our comfort zone, we would never learn to fly higher. We would be safe but we would not fly.

So take a leap of faith, take a jump, and then know that you have wings. You will fly high. We all are meant to fly high.

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