We need to nurture our relationships with love not poison them with ego.

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My daughter fought with a friend and they decided, they would never want to talk to each other. They called bad things to each other like you do not have good manners etc. They came back and I told them that are you sure, you do not want to visit her again and they looked sad at the very thought of that. I asked them, how would they fix that thing as they have declared that they would not go again. They requested to go again and apologize. And they did. Somewhere, I could feel the ego they were feeling when they had to say sorry and accept their own mistake but finally, love took over and they all accepted their own mistakes and apologized. When we came back after they had played enough, I asked them again. What did you learn? And they told me this beautiful thing. We need to protect the relationship, that we value. We cannot let any negativity harm it.

We all need to learn that. There is no loss of pride or self-respect in bending down in front of our elders, even if it was not our mistake. When they raise their hands to bless us, everything is worth that effort. They are our elders and we can always bend in front of them. Rama left for the Jungle without questioning his parent. Though he had all the reasons. The next day, he was supposed to become the king. He had to lose everything.

There is no need for ego in friendship. It requires pure emotion and a joyful heart.

There is no need for ego between a husband and a wife. After all, it’s a life time commitment.

We need to nurture them. No need to poison them with ego.

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