We fall, we fail, we get up, we step back, we move, we get tired and we walk again but we do not give up until we fly.

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I live at a place that is blessed with a lot of nature. With trees and plants come birds and butterflies and insects. It’s a beautiful thing to see them and hear them every morning. It’s so divine when we hear different types of birds every morning especially during the winters as there are a lot of migratory birds. I was looking at a butterfly and smiling and then felt like she was unable to fly. She was just sitting on the road. We picked her up and kept her on the hedges to protect her. Then she started kind of walking on the leaf. May be her wing was damaged and that’s why she could not fly. Still she kept making an effort to walk. And I saw a bird. She was tiny, may be born a few days back. She was able to fly only one foot above the ground. She had fallen from the nest. In a week’s time, she gained her full strength and flew higher and flew off. She kept trying till she did not learn to fly completely.

There is so much to learn from nature. There is this tiny butterfly, even when her wings are broken, she is making an effort to walk but not give up. There is this tiny bird, she is making an effort everyday to fly and then finally she flies. We all have to do that. make an effort everyday, even if we break a leg, we continue to walk and we do not give up. Giving up is never an option. We cannot blame someone else for the broken leg, even if someone is responsible, our task is to continue walking and continue making an effort to fly. We make an effort until we really fly.

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