Children need to be trained on how to handle things with love and a positive mindset.

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MY twin daughters, who are almost seven now, were fighting. I was winding up and really did not have the energy and patience to take an action. Still, I was left with no option. One is more aggressive and one is very calm. So the calmer one always is on the receiving side. After listening to the entire story for 10 minutes repeatedly from both sides, I asked the aggressive one, is this the way you treat your sister or anyone? You just go and hit the person? Did you do the right thing? She said, no, I did not. Then what is the right way, I asked her. I know that she is aware of the fact that she should not hit anyone. So I asked her and she had no clue and she shared that’s why she is hitting. True! My answer was, the way I am handling it. I am listening to everything patiently for the last 10 minutes and trying to solve it by talking. I am trying to understand what happened and who did what and why. She agreed, apologized and they patched up! Also, we need to train them to think that by default people are good and have good intentions and that’s why everyone needs to be heard. Not everyone has bad intentions every time.

We need to think beyond who we are and what we want. We need to train them on what’s good for them. Every child is special and can do wonders. We need to just train them to evolve into who they are with a positive mindset and a loving heart.

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