We need to make sure that the coming generation is trained on kindness or else we will have a drought of love.

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At the age of 50, the couple was slipping into depression. Their son, never had time for them. He was focused on himself. If they tried saying anything, he simply told them, they are interfering in his life. A few things were revealed:

  1. Nuclear family lifestyle (Their own parents lived separately). What does that have to do with kindness? Well, in joint families, kids learn that how to respect parents and how to be with them. They learn by default to adjust their lifestyle to others emotional needs too.
  2. When the boy was small, they were very happy, when he danced on an abscene number or cracked some obscene joke. His father was happy when he first picked up alcohol glass at the age of 10.
  3. The child was appreciated on many things which were not kind but never appreciated on his kind gestures.
  4. The child was never told the significance of being kind and loving. The child was never taken out to share and give. The child was taken out for parties and holidays.
  5. The child was not told ancient stories with the examples of kindness and bravery.

I am not sure, if I could do anything to amend their sons behavior but yes they realized that they wanted a different output than the input they had given. They wanted to adapt to the urban lifestyle and fit in and forgot what the future would bring. However, parents had to find a new lifestyle and stop expecting from their son. Which could give them some solace.

We need to train our children on kindness. We need to tell them the stories of kindness. We need to train them to understand their own and others emotions. We need to take them out to share and give and make them understand how do they feel.

This world needs love before anything else.

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