Look inside and you will find all the answers.

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I was playing puzzles with my twins. They will be 6 in January. It was a big puzzle and we were unable to locate the pieces in the beginning. So I closed my eyes and I asked within myself, God, where is the next piece. I did not find the next one but three four pieces and then the next one. My daughter asked me, mamma what did you do? I told them, see every answer is within us. Even God is within us. Whatever we need, we need to ask within ourselves and we will get the answer. I asked, God where is the next piece and then i found some. Generally, we focus on the wrong thing and we do not find the right answer. We may talk within ourselves like how do i find, It is so difficult, I am unable to find, I can’t do it. But I already told myself I can do it and God will give me the next piece. She loved the idea and and then she also found the next one.

Everytime, I need something to ask, I ask within myself and I get the answer. Even if I am looking around, I ask, God please give me a sign. It is not about the easy or tough or spiritual question. It is for everything. Whenever I am in a difficult situation, I ask God to guide me through that with love and things are solved. We just need to have the faith.

In Bhagwad Gita, Krishna says that more you look for me outside you, farther you go from me. More you look inside, closer you come to me. Bhagwad Gita is one book, which guides on everything. When i ask, God where are you and the answer I get is everywhere. It is not about how many connections we have, it is about how strong is our connection with self. When we learn to seek within, every answer is there. Every question is answered. It depends on us, what we are seeking.W hatever we are seeking is seeking us and we will find it and it will find us. Start seeking the truth. Start seeking him and you will find everything.

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