Faith is our biggest strength in time of need. It gives us hope which keeps us going. Let faith be stronger than any fear.

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Do you believe in God? Yes

Do you think he is taking care of you? YEs

Is he taking care of everyone else too? Yes

Why do you trust him? Because He is there, and I know he has done everything for me. Sometimes I wondfer, what did I do in life to deserve all this? Somewhere, he is watching and has been giving everything.

You never had tough times in life? I had plenty and I am sure they are a part of everyone’s life. But I know, with those, the faith has become stronger because I could fee his support and guidance. Whenever I felt lonely, I saw the light and whenever I felt, I could not make it, He has been there to hold my hand and walk me through it. HE became my strength and he gave me the hope. He gave me trust on myself that I could do it. Without him, I would not have made it.

Why do some people have more faith and why some people have less faith? Well, it’s individual’s choice. The sun would never discriminate. God’s light would never discriminate. He is equally there for everyone. More you ask for it, more you get it.

Does God, show us the right path? Yes, he has always been showing us the right path. Even all books show us the right path.

If he is there and so powerful, why do we get problems? Let’s say, this is a learning process. By this we discover who we are, what do we have to do and we discover a hidden strength which has always been unknown. When he came here, he himself went through so many problems. Without those challenges, let’s say, we would have been rotten. For example, after Covid-19, people prioritized their health.

So what shall we do?

When we know he is there and we would be fine, we feel strong and we can sail through anything. This also gives us the hope. So we need to have that faith. The same faith gives us the strength to be on the right path and follow it. We need our faith to be stronger than the fear and keep going ahead following the light.

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