We need to break the net of thoughts to come out of anxiety and depression. Often it’s self-inflicted.

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He was having panic attacks. He was going through financial problems. He wondered at the age of 50, how would he manage his family. How would he make sure that his family was safe? He did not have the strength and stamina that he had at the age of 24 when he started his financial life. But was getting anxious helping or was it getting worse? It was getting worse! But his supportive wife told him to focus on creating a new business even if it was small rather than focusing on his entire life. She told him that he did not have to worry about the children. He started focusing on one day at a time and gradually he was able to start small and manage things better. His anxiety came down and after that, he was able to take more work also.

She was a supportive housewife and she was docile. She was not trained to speak back in front of her in-laws or husband. The problem is if someone does not talk back, we take that person for granted. After 25 years of marriage, they were living in a separate house. But she was still getting nightmares and she slipped into a depression that she was unable to come out of. She isolated herself and she wondered if this was her life. She was constantly telling herself that no one liked her and that’s why they shouted at her. She told herself, she was incapable and that’s why she could not take a stand against anyone. She had to break that net! Or else her depression was increasing. Her husband had become very supportive and the kids also supported her. But she kept herself isolated. When she started breaking the thought process and focused on how everyone was caring and how much she had done for the family she was able to come out!

Do not tell yourself negative things about yourself or others. In your mind, give yourself hope, give yourself love, give yourself positivity, express gratitude and see the belssings. Keep it positive!

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