Everyone is trying to heal a pain that they have not shared with anyone. Be kind.

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She was depressed and anxious at the age of 58. Everyone from the outside thought that her life was perfect. They had a good legacy of money, her husband seem to love her and her sons respected her. Everyone wondered, why was she on the medication. She shared that, when she was five years old, her cousin physically abused her. Because of that, she could never trust any male. Her husband is a nice and supportive man but she keeps doubting him. She is never peaceful. In 30 years of marriage, he had never given her a reason to doubt him. But because of her trust issues, she had drifted her husband away. But have you shared it with your husband? She could not share with anyone as she was always scared. her mother always suppressed her voice saying that people would point fingers at her character. This had been eating her up since childhood.

He was just two years old when he saw his mom having an affair. His mom thought that as a child he could not understand anything. And he could not. But after 2-3 years he could and he knew that some uncle used to come only when papa was not there. That uncle gave him candies and also used his father’s bed. Because of this childhood trauma, he could never create a stable relationship. Also, he became a victim of endless fights between his parents. He did not know with whom he could share and take help.

He looked happy and rich but no one knew, his 5-year-old daughter had died whom he loved a lot. After that, he could never become normal. He had taken a lot of help, still, he could never let go of that pain. He somewhere blamed himself. He thought that he did not spend enough time with her and he was very strict with her. That’s why she left.

Everyone has some pain that they have not shared with anyone. Be kind and don’t judge.

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