Doing the right thing is a necessity. Karma brings back justice.

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She got married at the age of 21 in a joint family. She faced many challenges in settling down. After 5 years, she got separated with her husband and they started living in a new house. That bitterness could never go away. When her husband’s family came to meet them, she threw them out and asked them not to enter. (They were bad to her, but she does not have bad to them now. She could just stay in her own zone). She cursed them, she hated them. After 10 years, she contracted cancer (Hatred is a very big cause of cancer). When her son got married, after one month, her daughter in law told them, she can’t stay in such a distressed environment. And she had to move to a much smaller place. She spent her last days alone in a small house wondering how her own mother in law must have felt.

His brother gave him business partnership without taking anything in return. HE started embezzling funds. (Such dishonest partnerships have own way of failing). After they parted their ways, his brother could start a new business, and he kept trying. He had to take up a small job and for many months, he had to live hand to mouth. On top of that, he started suffering physically and his wife also developed health complications. A lot of money started draining out in medical bills too. After many years, he could stand up on his feet again and come back to a comfortable life.

HE started from a very poor background. He wanted to study, and he did not have enough money. HE started standing outside a local shop and started reading there. The shop keeper told him to sit there under the fan and read. He helped also. The kid felt good and wondered how helping others can bring goodness. So the kid started helping where ever he could. He started working in the shop, for which he sratde receiving some money. He started sharing that money with other poor children and after 10 years, he opened his own small shop. HE started supporting other poor children who wanted to study and after 20 years, he had 5 shops. He wondered if it was his good karma or destiny?

Well, Karma is always fair and square. It will never treat anyone unfairly. Doing the right thing, good thing, helping others, having faith, living honestly is a necessity of life. We do not have an option if we want to grow in life. If we do the bad things and we expect to have a happy and healthy life, it’s not possible. It is like you want to see a beautiful garden, you have to plant beautiful flowers. If you leave it or grow thorny seeds, you will have trouble walking in own garden.

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