We gain true power when we learn kindness, love, and forgiveness.

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So it’s Christmastime and my daughters asked me what makes us more powerful? And then we discussed the story of Lord Krishna. He was the most powerful person born. (God incarnated). But then, we realized, he never used his powers. He always loved everyone. He only helped people. So did that make him powerful? Then they watched a movie based on Santa Claus. And it was shown that a child who was so kind and brave, who helped everyone irrespective of the threats on his life, kept helping and loving everyone and then all the magic started coming to him and he became Santa eventually. So point established. When we love, when we forgive and when we are kind, we start becoming power. A power which makes everyone fall in love with you.

So how do we do that? BE genuine. Be honest. People can sense. So when you help someone, help genuinely, energy talks. When we help someone with any other intention other than helping, it can be sensed, and it will bring back results accordingly. Forgive, if you have been hurt. Forgive the events which have hurt you. Forgive the people who have hurt you. Because it’s bringing you down rather than hurting someone else. When we learn to forgive, we gain strength from within because we need a lot of strength to forgive. Every time we forgive from the heart, we become stronger. And love, it heals all, it binds all. It brings everything together. Without love, nothing is possible. Whenw e follow love we rise. If we do not follow love, everything would fall eventually. LIke Ravan fell, Kans fell. But the one who followed love, rose.

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