The moment we learn to accept the present, we gain our power back. We attain peace.

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He did not like his father and he knew the reason. But it always conflicted with his value system. He always learned that he had to respect his parents. They had a bad past. His father had cheated him in business and gave the money to his brother. (Uncle) He could never trust his father again. He always questioned himself that why did his father do that. HE wondered what his father played or has played any other game with him. To attain peace, first he accepted that yes his father had done that rather than questioning it always that why his father did it, how could he do that etc. When he accepted, he realized, there was a constant battle, which ended. Then he started working on safe gaurding his business rather than worrying what if! Instead of living in the fear, he felt stronger as he took the measures.

A lot of times, we are unable to accept things the way they are. This brings out fear, insecurities, anxiety and depression. We try to contemplate. We try to change the things and we try to change them in our minds. But we are unable to do anything like that. We can simply accept the present. We can accept the past too that yes it has happened and it has happened exactly the way it has happened. We can not change it, does not matter how things look. We can neitheir change the present too. BEcause this is what it is. We shall stop fighting it.However, we can always work on future. The best way to feel secure about is by focusing on what all good we would want to have. How we can move on by resolving things. By focusing on the positives.

So whatdo we do? Accept the present. Accept own emotions. If you are sad, accept I am sad. If you are angry accept i am angry. If something is bothering you, accept its is bothering me rather than fighting it that how can it bother me. After then working on resolving the emotions. We can never resolve emotions when we are fighting them!

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