If you really want to grow in life, focus on what can take you ahead not what’s holding you back.

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One gentleman who was a horse breeder shared the story of two horses he owned. One was the winning horse. When he would start, he would just keep running. He would cross every hurdle. The other one was not. When he saw a hurdle, he stopped and waited and someone had to come and remove that hurdle. When he was sharing this story, it reminded me of the gentleman. He had joined his father’s business and he said that he failed because every time he tries to take a step, there is someone or something which pulls him back. It’s like something did not want him to work through and be successful. I asked him, do you think, when your father started his business he never had hurdles? He had all the hurdles just that now, he knows with experience how to overcome them. Every time we will have different types of hurdles, but they will always be there. Then what shall be done?

Focus on how to take the next step and then the next step. You do not need to focus on the end. take one step at a time. He started taking it slowly rather than thinking of running and trying to turn around everything in just a few days. He started enjoying and started feeling that the pressure was easing off. He started focusing on how he could move ahead and how he will handle everything rather than what was holding him back. Slowly and gradually he turned it around and launched another line of business and that was successful too.

No one has grown in life without facing hurdles. So never give up because of them. However, the focus shall be on growing not on what’s holding back. Like how to handle it and move ahaed.

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