Thank you, God” The biggest prayer and biggest peace.

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She was in a joint family. The environment around her was very hostile. She kept doing everything for years. After 7 years she gave up. Her piled-up anger and suppression started coming out like molten lava. Now everyone was scared of her. She was unable to let go of the anger. Now, this anger was burning her only. She was unable to think of anything and do anything. Finally, she took the route of gratitude. However, whenever she thought of doing anything, only words of complaint and anger came out. She continued. She continued with thank you, God. She said this all day in her mind. And in few days, she could feel the peace. She could feel the energy flowing inside her. She could feel the new strength inside her.

Her father died and her mother died. She was an orphan left all alone. She did not know whom to call. Everyone avoided her thinking that they might have to take care of her. Finally she decided to take charge of her life. She was working but it was not helping. She was seething with anger. She felt that she was being betrayed. Her health started giving up. She also found the route of gratitude. When she said thank you, God. She felt peaceful. She also wanted to release that anger. She was tired of being angry. When she said Thank you, God, it was a new light she felt inside her. And she kept feel more and more peaceful everyday.

Whenever I have been feeling stuck in life, I have said this. I say it everyday. So many times in the day now, I feel that my heart is full of gratitude. When i say, Thank you God, please help me, please take care of me. thank you for being there. I feel i am taken care of. His hand picks me up.

Its own faith and own choice. I have seen the miracles of gratitude. The biggest prayer I have seen is thank you. Biggest peace comes from thank you.

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