We don’t need to win every argument and prove every point. We can smile and move on.

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So many times, people keep arguing. They want to prove their point and they want to win the argument. But why do we do that?

Simply, it satisfies our ego. It proves that we are right. But why do we need to prove that we are right? Especially if we know we are right? Well it satisfies our ego.

BUt then what is at stake?

First of all own mental peace. Which also means health.

Second thing we start a bad day.

The third thing, we hurt the relationship.

Most importantly, to win the argument, intentionally we end up hurting each other.

So what shall we do?

We do not need to win every argument. There is nothing we are going to get even if we win argument. We do not need to prove point.

So what shall be done?

Maximum, we can state the point peacefully. We can simply smile and express that we know what the truth is. And after that, we can simply move on with our peace. Gradually we will see the shift in them. We will see the shift in people around us. They would know we won’t argue. They would know that we only speak little and what we have to speak. They would know we won’t argue. They would know we are peaceful. Do not become a part of other’s storm.

Stay peaceful, stay happy.

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