Do not take anything for granted in life. Be grateful for everything and everyone you have.

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She was married for 10 years and had two children. She was not happy living with her husband’s family. He did not want to leave his parents as he was the only son. She used to mistreat his parents. She always wondered why they were there. And one day he asked her to leave home. HE told her that it was his parent’s house too. And if she did not want to be with them, she could go! She wondered what happened. She thought he would never say anything like that?

She always disrespected her mother for cooking bad food. She always taunted her. She always said, you can never cook a meal as per me. She was 40 and still single. And her mother passed away in few years and she was single. And she was scared of being alone. Her mother was a widow and always took care of her. She came back home and cried for not being grateful to her mom.

His brother was very protective of him. His brother helped him in joining and learning business. He took it for granted and started proliferating funds. Their business suffered and the brother was aware of everything. Still, he kept supporting him. One day business had no money and finally, the two brothers parted their ways. The elder went through struggle but was back on his feet in one year. The younger one could not. he always took it for granted that his brother would be

He was alcoholic and his mother always told him not to abuse his body. he always said, what can happen. Nothing happens. One day his liver started creating problems and doctor told him that if he really wanted to live, he had to quit.

We do not take bad people and bad things for granted. We only take good things we already have and the good people we have in life. Be grateful for all the love, health, abundance in life. Be grateful for the people who care for you. Be grateful for everything which has come as God’s grace.

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