Instead of fighting darkness, increase your light.

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I love my mental peace and I have learned it’s worth everything. Which means, I do not interfere in others things until I am asked, I do not judge people, I do not bother what others are saying or doing, I focus on what more I can do and I feel so grateful and blissful. When I sit and feel the fresh breeze, I feel the heaven around me. When I look at my family laughing and running around, I feel the grace I have. When I am able to share and give, I feel his grace again that he chose me for this.

Few years back I learned something. I was sitting in a room and there was a power cut. I was trying to put the candle near me and my mother told me, don’t do that. In sometime, all the bugs, mosquitoes or creatures will flock towards it. You will get troubled. She was so right. Everyone was meandering around that small candle. Because it had light. So I learned something:

If you want to fight darkness, do not fight darkness. Increase the light.

Everyone flocks towards light.

We are beings of light. But we also have darkness. Darkness will increase darkness and light will increase light. You can light 1000 candles from one single candle. Often we focus on what others are doing or what wrong others are doing and we lose our mental peace. In reality, we need to focus on where we can improve ourselves or where we can increase love. I remember reading a small story when I was small. Dacoit Angulimal was wearing a garland of 999 fingers and he was looking for 1000th. he shouted at Buddha and was melted away in his love and compassion. That day he became a Buddhas disciple and after few years he helped others.

I cannot say we become Buddha. But we need to know we all have Buddha inside us. Buddha means the awakened one. We all have that light inside us. We need to remember that we all have that love and compassion inside us. We need to focus on that. We need to focus on how this love can flow out. When we say, I can’t do that, we are stopping our own goodness from spreading. Let the love flow. Let the light flow.

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