We do all we can for our children. So do all you can for your parents too. It’s about intentions.

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A mother of two children, 7 years old and 2 years old came to discuss about her children. She asked, what could she do to teach them better values. What can she do for her children? I asked her, why was she so concerned. She said that her children were showing erratic behavior. They were expressing anger on everything. She wanted them to turn out good.

Of course, we all want our children to be good. But children become who we are. They follow what we do. So there must be some reason behind their aggression and behavior of entitlement. So I asked her who all are at home and she shared that they live with her husband’s parents. And what’s their age? they are 70 plus. What’s your relationship with them. So here came a disclaimer. I can help you if you share everything honestly. So she looked a little embarrassed and shared that it is not very good. So much tension. I asked her if she herself screams at her in-laws and she said no. But in some time, she accepted, she did not like staying with them. So the environment at home is very manipulative. She confessed because she wanted her children to improve. She did not want her children to become bad. So I asked her, what can you do for your children? She said everything and there was pride in her eyes. Do you realize your in-laws also must have done everything for your husband and your parents also must have done everything for you? Why can’t you do everything for your in-laws? IS it about efforts and working hard or is it about lack of intention? You are doing everything for your children but you do not realize, they are learning from you, how to treat parents. So they are treating you the same way.

Friends, please take care of your parents. they are not a burden. they are our roots. For a tree to prosper, the roots have to be healthy and happy. If you want to be happy and healthy, make your roots stronger and happy. If roots will be weak, the tree cannot withstand all the storms.

Keep your roots strong. Nurture your parents with love and care. Do all you can.

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