Om Ahem Arogyam. Stay healthy in your mind too.

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No one can deny the presence of Global Fear. Corona Virus has scared us all. There is a global panic. people are asked to stay at home. So someone asked me, how can you help?

First of all, I bow down to all the doctors, helps and everyone around, who is serving us. It’s not about money. It’s about their service.

At an individual level, we can follow the guidelines which the government is issuing for everyone. The second thing which we can do is, not getting panicked. Fear starts killing our immunity. Any negative thought starts affecting adversely affecting our immunity. This Virus has affected and killed those whose immunity is already compromised. However, if someone is healthy, this has passed like a flu. So what shall we do?

Let’s strengthen our minds. Let’s strengthen our immune system. Focus on the health inside you. Tell yourself I am always healthy. Tell yourself, I wake up healthy. tell yourself, I am protected. Tell yourself I am full of light. Chant Om ahem arogyam. I am always healthy.

Stay healthy, stay happy. Eat healthy. Think healthy.

Let’s fight it together.

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