Embrace life at home. It’s your home, your family.

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So we all are at home. Home sweet home. When we come back from work tired, we look forward to reaching home. But actually we look forward to bed!

So we all are supposed to be at home and let’s enjoy this time. Let’s make the best of it. I am overloaded with chores because of social distancing protocol which means support staff cannot move too, which means no help at home. We are so used to getting help here. So we all are trying to support each other in whatever way we can. So my father in law who is a very learned man and almost 70, asked me, how could he help. He meant if he could do some chores. And I grabbed the opportunity and said, you need to babysit my twins who are 4 years old. He is one man I really admire. So peaceful, so wise. I haven’t seen one person talking bad about him. he has such a positive aura. He is an author, he is so wise. So when kids would spend time with him, I am sure they would learn lots of good things about life.

So saw them doing that and I was strict in saying, no screen time. (Generally, it’s talking parrot in the i pad) This time, I could see real learning, lots of sharing and bond-building.

So what’s the point of sharing? It’s our home. Make the best use of the time. Spend time learning about each other, from each other. We all have lots of good things to share. Embrace it, maybe it’s an opportunity, we would never get again. To spend so much time with the family at home. A home that we have created with so much love. No outside influence. We can use this time to fill up our home with so much love. USe it! And no cribbing about chores! Its work, can be managed!

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