If winning is important, how we win is more important! When we are genuine, we win the longest race of life.

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So my daughters keep me on my toes. I had to give them their calcium as they are teething. They both ran towards me pushing each other back to be a winner so that the winner can take the calcium first from Mu… I was feeling bad seeing the scene. I asked them, why are you doing this? And the one who was the winner said so that I could win. But have you really won? You pushed her and that makes you a cheater and a bully, not a winner. If we have to win, we have to play fair. If we cheat, we never win. We may feel we have won but in reality, we have lost! She stepped back and let the other take the calcium first.

No, I am not a teacher of morality. I just know, that with all the experiences, life comes back in a full circle. What we give, we get that. We do not think twice before giving and when it comes to receiving, we feel bad. We need to learn to watch ourselves, and how we are treading in life. If we learn to be genuine, truthful, and honest and give our best, we will be able to do things. And life will make us the winner. Or else we would keep falling flat on our faces and we would wonder why is it happening to us.

Be genuine, play your role honestly, fulfill your responsibilities, and fight your battle without giving up, if you are tired, ask him to hold your hand and he would be there. But be genuine.

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