A positive mind is our best friend and a negative mind is our biggest enemy.

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Question: Who will help us in the time of need?

A positive mind.

Who is our biggest enemy?

Our very own mind when it’s negative.

Can you please explain.

We have unlimited power and unlimited potential. We are made in the reflection of almighty God. We are made by him and our spirit is a part of him. We are the creator and if we understand this, we can achieve anything we want. Not knowing the power of our mind is like having millions in bank account and not having the knowledge of that. If we have no knowledge of that, we will remain poor and we will face financial troubles.

So what shall we do?

First of all we need to know that our mind is creating things in our lives. A human mind thinks in images. If we can see something in our mind, our mind can manifest that in our lives.

Now, our mind manifest that with our focus and intentions. Our intentions are fueled by our emotions.

Our energy flows with our focus. Irrespective of we want that or not. If our focus is on something, even if it’s fear, our mind starts creating that and Universe starts supporting that.

How a positive mind becomes the best friend? Because it will focus on something which we really desire. A happy state will bring a good energy. So our life will be a manifestation of what we want.

However, when we have a negative mindset, our focus is generally on the things which we really do not want. For example, what if I fall sick, what if I am unable to earn this much, what if I have a fight, what if I am unable to give a good presentation and so on. So our focus is exactly on something which we do not want. Then the energy of fear is super negative, so the result will be many problems as every negative thought itself will be like a road block. So more problems and manifestations of fears.

So what shall be done?

Whenever a negative thought starts occurring, take a break, relax, let go of all the anger, guilt, jealousy, fear. Focus on what you want. See yourself achieving that. See yourself happily achieving that. If you are unable to focus on that, write it down. Find your gratitude, follow forgiveness, and set yourself free from the burden of emotions.

Everyone deserves a life of miracles. These miracles come from us. We need to manifest our own miracles.

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