We all need to start feeling everything with love and the planet will start healing.

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Question: Are we affecting this planet?

Yes, we are. With our negative thought process and wrong doings we are.

Question: CAn we heal the planet?

Yes, each one of us has a contribution to make. We can start improving what we are thinking and what we are doing.

How we can do at the thought level?

We need to know that, we all have an impact. Our actions and thoughts have a ripple effect on the environment. This ripple start affecting others also and the environmental energy around. So if we have a loving thought process, we start creating the same impact around us.

Why is love so important? And why it is important to hold the loving thought process?

How do you feel when someone is angry? You want to stay away. How do you feel when someone is very loving and standing next to you? You feel comfortable and you want to be there because this is what you need. So when we hold loving thoughts, may be for a particular person or may be in general, we start healing. We start healing ourselves, we start healing the environment, we start healing the surrounding people. We start creating a ripple effect with our love and then the people who would be in that field, when they would feel that love, they will start feeling the love and they will create their own energy field of love and thus start spreading. This field created by the feeling of love will start healing the planet. Love creates peace and love creates happiness. Love heals all.

Why love heals all?

There is no difference between God and love. When we feel love, we feel God. We feel divine. The divine himself is bound by love. Love is the flow of this Universe and this is who we are. When we feel love, we start raising own vibrations, and thus raising the vibrations of the planet. Thus healing everything. Each one of us has that responsibility. So love starts helping and healing the planet.

So instead of looking at everything with anger or any other negative emotion, if we start feeling love and compassion for everything, the planet will start healing. We all will start healing.

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