Cursing someone or being jealous of someone will only lower down your energy. Shift your focus to solving things and gratitude.

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They came a few years back. They were separated for 5 years, and they hated each other. They cursed each other before sleeping. He always said that without him, she will beg on roads. And she kept saying that, you will be all alone. He lived in the family but his business failed, and he had to ask money from his uncle for every expense he incurred. She was living alone, and she always felt that she would die alone. Whatever he was cursing her for, he was inflicting that. Whatever she was cursing him for, she was bringing that upon herself more and more. When they both started realizing this, and they wanted to work upon the things, they started blessing each other. Things started solving for both of them. His family after one year asked her to shift to the family home and his father gave him his share of money to start the business again.

Her husband died, and she raised her only son with a lot of difficulty. When he married, she did not connect well with his wife. She always cried and cursed her. You are troubling a widow, you will meet your fate. I am feeling lonely, you will be alone in life too. And true, she left the man and her son was alone too. HE also stopped talking to his mother and the lady was further lonely. When she realized her mistake, she started praying and asking God to solve the things. After that the son started living with his wife and also started supporting his mother, but they lived in a separate set up. The mother shifted to assisted living, where she did not feel alone. The daughetr in law had own fate for whatever she was doing but who are we to decide someone’s fate. It’s decided by time and the Universe.

He was always jealous of his brother. He felt that his brother always had it all, and he did not receive a fair treatment from God. More he felt jealous, further he went down and his brother grew. He wondered how was it happening. It was also simple. He was spending his energy on his brothers growth rather than own growth. He realized that and he started focusing on his own business and started being grateful for what he had. In one year he could see his own business growing too.

Yes, be grateful for what you have. Work on solving the challenges in life. Jealousy, cursing will only take you down in life. When we feel jealous, when we curse, try to decide someone else’s fate but that is decided by what other are doing and thinking. We will have as per what we are thinking and doing. So focus on how to solve it, be grateful and start seeing things when they are solved.

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