If we haven’t learned compassion, we can never be truly happy.

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He was sitting and smiling. He looked old, and he looked like he was ok financially. Or maybe he had little money. So I asked him, what made you smile baba? He smiled and said, I was coming to the park to have my lunch and I saw a small child who was hungry. The child was begging me for food. So I brought him along, shared some food with him, and he was so naughty. He made so many faces while eating that I am still smiling. I asked him, he was feeling satiated, and he said that my heart is satiated. How much did he have? He said that he earned his food daily. He was a laborer. What if he would not have shared, and he said that, then I would not have been smiling.

She was in huge depression. She was sixty years old. Her husband had died. But then she met an old year old lady, who had been living alone for 15 years. Her children were outside the country and, and she was a widow too. The younger one (60 years old) started visiting the old friend to support her and make her smile, and she did not realized when she started smiling again in life. She forgot her pain, infact, she felt that she was healed. She tried putting a balm on someone else’s wounds and her wounds got healed.

Compassion is beautiful, compassion is healing. It is giving but what we receive in return is much more wonderful. We need to understand each other’s pain, help to heal it with love and respect at a human level not with ego. The receiver of the compassion has to feel the love not the hurt of taking it. When we learn compassion, we become happy because it heals our pain too. It brings love to us in leaps and bounds. Learn compassion and train your children on compassion. They will always be happy in life.

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