We all need to remember “Let our faith be stronger than our fears.

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Do I have faith? Yes, I am eternally grateful to him and I know he is there. He has taken care of me on every step of life. He has done things, I can’t even imagine when I sit and think of. And when I realize his grace, I feel further grateful. I wonder, how he can be so kind and loving. I ask the things and they are done. I ask things and I receive. I have full faith.

Do I have fear? Yes, I have fear right now. He is there, still, there is a fear. So many people in my own family are sick, so many have died and I know a few who are in a very serious situation. If someone is going to the hospital, people are scared that maybe the loved one will not come back alive. It’s giving me a knot in my stomach. We all are absorbing that environmental energy too, which is full of fear and pain. I can feel the cries in my mind. I call upon and check with my loved ones if they are fine. All this makes me fearful.

But, I also know, my faith needs to be stronger than my fear. When nothing is working, our mind is not working, when our thoughts are uncontrollable, when there is a crisis everywhere, the faith comes forward. The faith protects us.

Faith that we are taken care of. Faith that everything is being done for all of us. Faith that he will. come forward. faith that he is there and the light is there. faith that the sun will rise again. Faith that he is walking by our side.

Let your faith be stronger than the fears.

Thank you God, for protecting this world. thank you God for the healing.

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