Eat well, think well, do well. Prayers for everyone and their families.

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I am scared of taking my phone now. Every phone I pick up is bringing the news of a death or sickness. When it’s someone close by I am shaken up and when it’s someone, I had not seen, I feel fewer emotions. But still, I feel So much pain. I am associated with an orphanage. I called up for some other work and the lady in charge there told me that the entire staff was in quarantine. And then she shared how a few have died due to Covid and the nonavailability of beds and how a few were critical. Immense sadness has grappled me since then.

What is the solution?

Whatever is happening, is happening, and we all want our loved ones to be safe. We all need to work on our life style and immunity. We all need to make an effort to stay healthy. Whatever is happening, worse may happen in coming years as our immunity seems to be weakening. We are staying at home, they say it’s protecting us but I see it’s killing our immunity. It’s weakening our immune system, metabolism. They say, do not take fresh air, as it is air borne but please we cannot survive without sunlight and fresh air. If we stop that, we will die!

So eat well, eat natural food, fresh food. Take a lot of sunlight and fresh air. Keep doing your exercise, if you are staying at home. If you cannot meet people, work on sand. Have some plants and work on them. It will start boosting your immunity. We need to be with nature to be healthy. More we are away from nature, unhealthy we will be.

Do good things. Help each other. Do your right karma. Stop doing anything wrong to anyone. The karmic cycle is always on. Whether we know it or not. When the bad times hit, the good karma do protect us.

Staying positive also helps a lot. Start seeing your loved ones and yourself in a better light. If you cannot do that amidst the environment of fear, start writing. I am always healthy, my family is always healthy and this world is a healthy place. You will see the difference.

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