Right now, we need love and kindness, and we will find the way.

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I know what is happening. And I also get that fear when every phone call which is coming is bringing the news of someone’s death or sickness. I haven’t heard the good news in a long time. Some close one’s have died. Everyone is scared. Then I wonder will it help?

No, then what will help? What will bring the healing. What will take the world out of this crisis and the only answer I have is the love and kindness. Whenever something happens, there is a reason for that. And there is a lesson for that. If we learn the lesson, the situation is solved. If we do not solve the lesson, the situation keeps repeating. So in one of the biggest crisis of humanity, what is the lesson?
Everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen. Where is the miracle? The miracle will come from our hearts. When we will start following the right path. When we will start following the path of love and kindness. The miracle will be right there.

Why is this all happening? Because of the collective fall in consciousness. What will bring us out of this. Collective rise in the same. How will that happen? Through love and kindness. Through altruism. No one is separated. Everyone is connected. We all are a part of one Universal system. We all need to accept and realize this. Everyone needs to come forward and help and stand for the humanity.

We need to find a way out. follow love. When you get fear, bring love. When you see a bad news, go and help someone in whatever way you can. You cannot step out, help from where ever you are. If you cannot do anything, sit and pray. Sit and meditate. Start making your contribution by staying the in moment of love and kindness.

The miracle is right here and it’s waiting to come out from our hearts. The miracle will happen with love and kindness.

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