We all need nature. It’s better we learn to protect it and live with it now. The sooner we do it, the healthier we will be.

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I sit and look at the ground and I tell it, I missed you so much. I was living on 15th floor for 6 years and I missed the touch of ground. Ofcourse we stepped out, but to sit and relax and feel it, rarely happened. Now, reaching back to the ground and looking at the sky makes me feel, it’s the biggest luxury of life I have received. Then I wonder, I grew up on the ground and at that time, I did not realize the biggest luxury of life. I was enjoying the fresh air, ground, open sky and we had so much space, we could set up anything anywhere. Sometimes, we would set up our own swings, sometimes, we would plant something, sometimes, we would just set a bed and look at the sky. Then we shifted to modern living and started going for holidays to such places and realized this is what we are missing. The covid situation made me realize the importance of nature more. People who were in proximity with nature fell less sick and people who were totally away from nature fell sick quickly. So many places I visited which were full of mother nature, where people told me that they had never seen a case uptil now.

We are made up of the five elements. We need mother nature. If we need something so much, we must protect it and nurture it. It cannot be a one way relationship. Where we keep taking from it having never to return. We need to make an effort to return. Our body starts deteriorating if we do not follow nature and if we do not live in harmony with nature. If we live in harmony with nature, it heals us mentally, emotionally and physically.

So many times, when people come and share that, I have no one to talk to, I ask them to talk to mother nature. She listens, nurtures, loves us back in so many forms, we will not even realize. Physically, if we eat fresh food, breathe fresh air, sit on the ground, believe me, so many things in the body will start healing.

We need to protect nature. We need to do whateverw e can to make it better, and also, we need to love it in our hearts. When we do that, it starts receiving that love and it starts growing and becoming better. Its like when we know someone loves us, we feel better and stronger.

If we really want to survive everything and become better, we need to embrace, go back to nature! More than the nature, it is our need.

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