Sometimes the difference between good and bad is only the intentions. Keep your intentions good.

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A mother slaps the child and an aunt just scolds the child. No one questions mother’s actions, but everybody raises their eyebrows when the aunt scolded. Because people trusted mothers intentions and could not trust the aunts actions. One gentleman said that whenever someone says or does something which I do not appreciate, I always look at their intentions. If I feel their intentions are pure, I can take the hit. But I stay away from people, who have bad intentions but from outside their actions look perfect. I cannot trust them.

So how do we know what are someone’s intentions? Well, deep down we can feel it, we can sense it. Energy is talking, its communicating and it will. Or in simple words, we have same God inside us, who will tell us. It reminded me of a story. Its an old story. A newly wed with her mother in law was crossing the jungle in the night and they met a horse rider. The old lady asked the rider to drop her daughter in law to the other side of the jungle which he refused. After a few moments, she realizes that she was about to commit a mistake. What if he would have done something bad? Her daughter in law was just married, loaded with jewelry and how could she think of sending her with a stranger in the night. The horse rider also got similar thoughts and wondered why did he lose such an opportunity and he returned. He offered his help but the old lady denied. He said that God has asked me to help her and the old lady said that the same God asked me to be careful!

Exactly, we all are connected by the invisible wires of energy. These wires transfer our energy. Our thoughts create that energy. This energy finds its own right destination and reaches there. So, whatever is our true intention behind any action, it is always communicated. We can manipulate actions but not intentions. So if we really want everything to go into right direction, to be trusted, to be succesful we need to do it with pure intentions.

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