One will keep suffering if he reacts emotionally to everything said to him.

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I am blessed with twin daughters. Its such a challenging and beautiful journey to see them growing. They are born together but they are so different. One is very sensitive to what someone is saying. Even if someone laughs cracks a small joke, she starts crying. The other one doesn’t care. It does not matter what someone is saying, what is happening around her, she always finds something to have fun with. She is happy because she doesnt care. She is naughtier and she gets scolded more but she is happier. The other one tries to do a lot of things but then cares about every word being said to her. So we also have to be watchful, we try to train her too and then i learn about human behavior from them.

A person who reacts emotionally to everything said to his/her, will always suffer. Will always calculate, why it is being said, will always be insecure, will always be anxious and the people around that person will also be scared all the time. What if he/she feels bad, what if he/she gets angry and the situation becomes tensed. More than anyone else, the person suffers a lot inside.

So what is the solution?

First of all we need to know, not everything is said to us. Sometimes people just say things. Sometimes they lack compassion, sometimes they are in different frame, sometimes they have different perception, we need to sit back and observe and see the logic. We need to see, if it’s the reality then work on it rather than just feeling bad, if not, then forgive and move on and let’s not bother. Sit back and observe rathen than simply feeling bad and suffering.

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