It does not matter how hard it is, do the right thing. It’s always for the best.

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One gentleman shared an incident. His son was critically ill, and he needed some money. He was unable to arrange. His boss was unaware of this and trusted him a lot. He always had cash locker keys. He knew that day a lot of cash came to the office. He checked and his boss had not taken any cash home that day. He wondered if he should take from that and keep it back later. He tried calling many people but could not arrange. Finally, he surrendered to God and decided not to take it. He decided that his son would survive if its God will, but he would do the right thing. He walked out of office with a heavy head and heart. When he was about to reach the hospital, his brother in law came with the cash saying, he was finally able to arrange it. He wondered, if he was tested. His son started healing very quickly after that.

One gentleman shared that when he went to Mumbai, he was struggling for a job. he slept on the benches. He ate in Gurudwaras. So one day, he found a wallet fallen from one gentleman visiting Gurudwara. He had no money left with himself and he wondered should he check the purse. When he was about to do that, he felt like his old Mom telling him, never to touch anyone else’s things. It’s a sin. He gave a shout to that gentleman and gave him his wallet. He tried offering back some money but he refused and asked for a job. And he was hired. If he would have kept the wallet, he would have only that money but when he returned it, he had the job.

We are tested many times. And we shall do the right thing. What is right thing? Well, deep down even my five year old know what is the right thing. When they do something wrong and I ask them, did they do the right thing and they know it. They also know what would have been the right thing. Deep down, we all have that mechanism. WE all have that guidance. Follow that and you will sail through toughest of times very smoothly.

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