Truth makes a relationship stronger and lies make it weaker. Base it on truth.

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Sara was just 22 years old born in a middle-class family. Her dreams were to achieve everything. She wanted to have a relationship and a car and a fancy life. She fell in love with a boy in her office and they shifted together. Sometimes, she felt that there was something wrong. The relationship lasted for a few months and then the boy started dating someone else side by side. Sara found out about the affair and was heartbroken. She shifted back to her parent’s house but could not let go of her feelings for her boyfriend. But she could not trust him also as he was again with two more girls and he never expressed his interest in getting back together.

Her parents found a match for her. And she agreed to marry. She did not have the courage to share about her past. She happily got married and started her new life. However, she could not close the past strings. She stayed in touch with her old boyfriend and said they were just friends. Her husband found out and they started having a lot of arguments. He asked her to leave and her parents asked her to stay there. She asked her husband to forgive her and they reconciled.

After a few days through a friend, her husband found out that she was in a live-in relationship. He came and slapped her. By this time, she had already conceived. This time, he could not forgive her. He asked her to get out and take a divorce. Her parents told her, to do what you have to do, but stay there. She was stuck. Her everyday life became hell because every day he would start taunting her, hitting her, starting in the morning. His family also started taunting her and using abusive language all day. He told her clearly, that she had to leave.

She shifted out, left her child with her parents to raise and she started focusing on her job. She had to live all alone and manage a hard life after that. They filed for a divorce. The court gave them a six months period to think over but after six months also, her husband was not ready to be reconciled. He did not trust her. They got divorced.

Relationship learning

  1. Do not hurry. Take your time making a lifetime decision.
  2. Always follow your instinct while choosing a partner. If you feel, there is something wrong, then there is. There is a Universal guidance system, which guides us all. In this scenario, Sara had the guidance that her partner was cheating on her. But sometimes, we are clouded by desires and emotions. Do not ignore those cues.
  3. No truth can be hidden. Her boyfriend’s affair came out. Her affair with her boyfriend came out in front of her husband.
  4. Start a relationship on the basis of truth. Truth makes it stronger. A lie makes the relationship weaker.
  5. Do not get into another relationship to get out of one. She chose to get married to get over her boyfriend.
  6. Trust once broken can never be regained. So, keep it intact.
  7. Once it’s over, it’s over. Do not fool yourself, we are just friends. If you have chosen a new partner, be there in that relationship completely. Staying connected only keeps the old emotions alive and stops us from completely moving forward.
  8. If your relationship is not stable, do not plan a baby.
  9. Mental peace is above all. No one can stay in an everyday toxic environment. If it is abusive, and the other person is not ready to reconcile, we have a little option left. He/she needs time to think and heal. Even after that, if it’s not working, we need to accept.
  10.  Maintain respect in the relationship. Does not matter, what has happened. Do not make it physically or verbally abusive. It’s a decision we take. It’s up to us and shows who we are. If you do not want a relationship, then you do not want it. Do not make it abusive. No one has a right to torture anyone.
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