Relationships are not a means to fulfill some ego trip or desires. For them to grow, we need to give before expecting.

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She was holding an ego. When she was growing up, jokingly her mother told her, you are always right. Girls have to be right. Somewhere, it got deep inside her. When she married, if her husband asked her anything, which she did not say or was against her words, she would scream and fight. After six months he got separated. She begged and pleaded but he was scared of losing his mental peace. He was always scared if he would say something, she would shout at him. She kept pleading for one year. He felt that she might have changed and he decided to reconcile. However, after 2-3 months, everything started again, and then she would also add, you have no other option, that’s why you asked me to shift with you. She also kept reminding him, how he failed to give her a luxurious life, how he failed to buy her jewelry, and how he failed in keeping her happy. He wondered if this was the ego! Finally, they divorced.

He grew up with a thought process that relationships have to be nurtured and respected. Whenever he spoke to a girl, who proposed to him, he always looked out for the fact how much respected the relationship. Finally, he met his match and the first they decided was they would never lose that respect even in their minds and if there is something disrespectful, even in the mind, they will discuss and sort it out. They created a successful marriage, where all the friends came and sought their advice. Just one pact, made them understand each other and love each other more. They were able to understand each other’s perspectives.

Relationships are not a means to fulfilling some ego trip or ambition. They are a responsibility where everything needs to be nurtured with love and respect. You need to be patient, you need to be committed, and you need to stand by each other. Nurture it, do not kill it!

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