True power comes when we learn to master our own thoughts.


She was very successful in her job and at a very senior level. Her father fell ill. She had to quit her job to take care of her ailing father. 2 years back she had lost her mother and she was the only child. So she had to be there. After that, she kept struggling financially. She wanted to rise again in her life but her mind had turned so negative. Sometimes she wondered if it was her stars. May be! But to come out of that, first she had to first change her thought process. Then she learned one think, and write what you want so that she could manage her thoughts. Focus on the desired result. When we focus on the desired result, it brings the desired result.

She just followed one mantra, which started bringing the desired result. Things started changing and she got a new job offer too. Every day, she would sleep with one thought process that she was waking up the next day to go to the office in her super expensive car. The wheel of life turned and things got better.

If you really want to have something, turn around your life, change your thoughts. Focus on what you desire. Have a control on your thoughts. Your thoughts are controlling your life. Your thoughts are manifesting everything in your life. That’s when you will gain true power. Or may be a miracle would happen! That’s what many have said!

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