Our mistakes cannot be corrected by pointing out others’ mistakes. We need to work on ourselves.


So my twin girls were arguing. They created a mess and mamma had to intervene to get it cleaned. Did I clean? That would have been easier. The challenging task is to get it cleaned. So they started arguing, and she did that to explain her own stance. Well, finally I asked them, can it correct what you have done? Can you accept what you have done? Because then you can correct the mess each one of you has created. They were looking at me with a blank faces. Instead of telling me what the other one has done, accept your own mistake. And clean up what you have done. Finally, they realized this and started cleaning up.

This is what we do in life. We sit and talk about what’s wrong in others’ lives. What wrong they have done. But can it help in our own lives? What do we gain when we point at others’ mistakes? Well, I guess we try to cover it up. But still, it would be a mess under the wrap.

We need to own up to our own mistakes. We need to work on them. We need to clean up the mess. We need to stop blaming others. We need to work on finding the solution rather than blaming others. We need to work on correcting things rather than pointing fingers at each other.

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