If you are not yourself, you are actually no one.

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She was born into a rich family, pampered by her father like a princess. She got married into a rich family. But now, the reality changed. She was supposed to take care of a lot of responsibilities. When she could not, her new family criticized her. She tried following her sister-in-law and she could not follow much. Now, she had to hear one more thing, do not try to be like her. She had no idea what to do and all this was taking a toll on her relationship with her husband. They were always fighting. Finally, the family decided that they should have a separate house and they got separated. Things did not settle yet. She was full of complaints against his family and that’s why she did not like if he went there or they came to meet. One day, she sat and thought, is this who she is? She was becoming like others.

She thought of her old days. She was a happy, helping, giving, and peaceful person. She wanted to achieve something. She was never arrogant. She realized that this was she could not handle things. She wanted everyone to appreciate her for doing something which was not her forte. She had to do the things which were her specialty. She visited an art school, learned again, and then she started practicing. She started making paintings and small pottery materials. Initially, she started gifting and then selling.

Her mind was off the negative talk. It was on the positive side. Everyone was talking about her art and how beautiful it was. No one talked about how she could not take care of her responsibilities. As her mind turned positive, those things also improved.

She found herself and she became what she wanted. She was no where, when she did not know and she was trying to follow everyone.

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