A happy and strong woman can create a happy family and a happy next generation. Be one!

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She grew up outside India in an open environment but her parents wanted her to have Indian home. So they found an Indian match for her. She came and settled with an Indian family. Everyone expected from her what she had never seen in her life. Taking care of the entire family and home. She tried and she could not. She heard many many bad things about her.

She was always tired, angry, frustrated and it started coming out on the new born baby. She would scream at the baby. When the baby was growing up, baby also started yelling on everyone. Everyone wondered from where was it coming.

So where was the root? I would say, everyone was at fault. Everyone expected her to take care of everyone and still no appreciation. She also did not realize that if she was not happy, she could not raise a happy child.

So her husband realized this and he spoke to the entire family. They shifted out and at that time, the lady got her freedom. She was much more peaceful and happier. Now, there was a change in the child’s behavior too. The child was much more peaceful and happier.

We all need to realize that, the woman of the house is like the roots of a tree. The entire family is standing and taking nourishment from the roots. But these roots are also getting nurtured from the ground they are in, the water, the sunlight and everything else. We need to make sure that the food which these roots are receiving is positive too. If this food is poisoned, then the roots also start getting poisoned. That will start poisoning the entire tree eventually.

If we are expecting too much from one person, we also need to give too much to that person.

As a woman also, we need to make sure that we need to care for self. Without caring for self, we cannot continue caring for others. We need to make sure that we are happy and peaceful and healthy. We want to give best but how can we, when we are not the best version of ourselves. We want to raise happy and strong individual, then we need to become one.

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