To enjoy good health, we must work upon it. It will not happen on its own.

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One gentleman came to meet who was around 40 years old. He shared that he was facing various health issues like cervical, back pain, some white spots on his face, and depression. He shared that as he was aging, his health was falling apart. I asked him, what was he doing for his health (He was overweight). He shared that as nothing. What is your diet like? I shared that I eat simple Indian food and sometimes, my wife gets me some snacks. Are you eating your snacks every day? He shared that yes! What’s your exercise routine? And he had none. Do you go for a walk? And no!

So how do you expect to have a good health? But what about people in the olden days? They ate simple and they enjoyed good health till the last day! Well, in the olden days, lifestyle was totally different. They ate fresh food as there were no refrigerators. There were no AC’s, they took long walks, they had no stress, and everyone sat in together which acted as a stress buster. The air was less polluted. Now, it is entirely different. We have to make an extra effort. earlier we were making an effort otherwise, now, we have to make an effort for health. If we think, it’s happening on its own, it is not.

So what do we have to do? Keep mentally fit, eat healthy, eat more of raw food and natural food, take walk, do exercise, do breathing exercise, make an effort to be healthy and happy, and envision a happy, long life.

So much? Yes, it’s an investment and we all must do it. And yes, we need to do it all!

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