Life is too precious to be wasted. Invest your time wisely in the things you want to create in life.

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She was depressed. She went to a party and someone said that she did not know how to choose a party dress. The reality was she had made a lot of effort to dress up that day. She came back and shouted at her husband and he wondered what he could do. For one week, they kept fighting and she slipped and she had to be on one month’s bed rest.

His father died and his brother kicked him out of the business. He would spend his entire day in cursing his brother and his wife kept explaining that, we can earn everything back, let’s work on it. Instead of cursing him focus on your new earnings. It took him 4 years to realize this point.

He always wondered why God was more gracious to his brother, who had a supportive wife, and a running business. He felt jealous and always tried to create problems for his brother. He did not realize that he was responsible for the state of his life and by keeping bad thought processes for his brother, he was damaging his own life. He could only recover after he started focusing on his life rather than his brother’s life.

We are the units of time. Our life span is equivalent to the time we have here. We always talk about our life in terms of the time units like 2 years, 10 years etc. 2 hours of time is two hours of life. So whatever time we spend on bothering about what others are doing or thinking, we are wasting it. We need to focus upon, what we want, how we want our life to be and how we can make this world a better place.

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