Thank you God for healing me, thank you God for making me perfectly healthy.

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She was a cancer survivor and she shared her story. She had a very calm and beautiful smile on her face always. It felt like she has won her battle. So she shared that she was unable to recover and then one day, someone told her to have faith in Universal healing. She started thanking everything for healing her.

Thank you fan for healing me.

Thank you my blanket for healing me.

Thank you walls for healing.

Thank you bed for healing me.

Thank you clothes for healing me.

Before any medicine she would say, thank you for healing me and making me healthy.

And then she started improving and after that her recovery was miraculous.

Such a divine and beautiful story.

Have faith and have faith in everything. This Universe wants to support you, this Universe wants to heal you, this Universe wants you to have love, this Universe wants to make you abundant.

So what do we need to do?

Have faith, be grateful, ask for it, have faith again and then focus on whatever you want.

It’s a very loving and beautiful world and relationship. Nurture it and you will have everything.

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