To achieve a big goal, we need to start achieving small goals every day.

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She grew up in a financially strong family. Her father was a businessman and a politician. She was the only daughter. She wrote her exams with a book in front of her. She did not have to ask for anything. Everything was already there. She treated everyone like they had to be on her toes. Her father was influential, so no one said anything. Her mother tried interfering and her father always said one thing. She has to become a politician, so it’s ok, she can afford to be arrogant. She will have a lot of power. Her mother always said that even kings have to be humble and kind. Anyway, as luck would have it, her father had a heart attack. He did not survive. They had to quit politics as they felt that there were more foes than friends. And she got married in a normal household. The hell broke loose.

No one tolerated her attitude and she only cried all day. Everyone wondered, why was she so unhappy always because she still had everything. She had servants, clothes, cars, husband but she felt she was always under the pressure. She spoke to her mother and her mother started training on everything. Her mother could not train her for years but now, slowly every day, she started training. On every discussion, her mother would guide her. She started understanding small things and started making an effort on every day basis. Things started showing and her life started improving. It took her more than one year to feel she was finally a part of the new family.

He was just 26 years old and had a lot of compassion in his heart. He saw his maid’s son playing with the book and decided to teach him. One day the child said that if he could teach his friends too in the same time. They started making an effort. Every day, they would go to a house and call upon one more child. Very soon, kids from far slum areas started coming and he spoke to a school for the evening space. Every day he started making an effort and he could teach 250 students.

He wanted to start a business but his father did not have enough money. He started saving a small amount every day from his job and other expenses. After two years, he could save enough and started a shop and he was focused and hard-working. Soon, he could set up a departmental store and then one more. When asked about his success, he always said one thing, it’s about how much you work every day and how much you save every day.

Start with small, have a vision that is high, work every day on that and you will reach there.

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